With four decades of experience, Protorun understands the challenges electronics designers and manufacturers face and is positioned to deliver dependable and timely support. Deep electrical engineering expertise underpins our extensive manufacturing and test capabilities and we take pride in our consistent quality and on-time delivery performance.

Our Expertise

As seasoned electrical engineers we know board assembly inside and out. We assign qualified engineers to every project we handle and they progress it through our system to ensure you get an assembly that works the way you expect.

We understand the technology choices we offer. We can guide you through issues like how reflow technology influences board layout, when Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is not appropriate, and what to do about Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance.

We inspect and test what we make. Our reputation for quality was hard earned and we're not about to let it slip!

Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether you want to take advantage of SMT, sell into the European Union, or add protection for harsh environments, we can help.

Switching from Thru-hole to SMT

Many legacy products still use thru-hole designs. SMT offers higher component density on smaller boards and lower manufacturing costs. If you want to update a Thru-Hole Technology (THT) design to SMT, our SMT conversions will reduce reproduction time and minimize component costs.

RoHS and lead-free

RoHS regulations took effect within the European Union in 2006 but the reverberations are still being felt. If you plan on selling in Europe, your products must be designed and manufactured for compliance.

It’s incorrect to say that RoHS only means lead-free, or that it only applies in Europe. RoHS identifies six substances that should not be in your products, and markets like China, Japan, Korea and California have similar regulations in place. We can look at your products and convert them to lead-free or make them fully RoHS compliant.

Environmental protection

When products will be exposed to harsh environments a conformal coating can protect against moisture and corrosion; we can apply such coatings.

Inspection and Test

As boards get more densely packed with smaller components, fitness for purpose has become harder to verify. With our extensive inspection and test capabilities you can be sure that the product we ship will perform the way you expect.

We offer:

       •  Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) performed on high-speed machines with the ability to catch flaws like misplaced components and badly formed solder joints.

       •  Manual inspection via microscope

       •  X-ray inspection — especially appropriate for Ball Grid Array (BGA) assemblies

       •  Comprehensive product testing, for characteristics such as:

             o  Dielectric Requirements

             o  Controlled Impedance Requirements

             o  Blind and Buried, Solder Mask and Conductive Filled Vias

       •  Repair services also available

If you have a board that isn’t working, bring it to us. We can diagnose the problem and give you repair advice.

Your Partner

Protorun understands the challenges electronics designers and manufacturers face. Whether you need a long-term partner or just want to solve an immediate problem, Protorun is ready and eager to work with you.

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