Printed circuit board assembly is an exacting process that requires skill and specialized equipment. Poor-quality PCBs waste time and money by requiring extensive troubleshooting in final assembly test; and ultimately, the quality of the PCB assembly affects product costs, warranty costs and customer satisfaction. Many companies outsource their PCB assembly process for quality, access to state-of-the-art PCB assembly, and inspection equipment. When outsourcing, they benefit from the insight provided by an experienced printed circuit board assembly partner with expertise in all aspects of PCB assembly, including surface mount technology and thru-hole PCB assembly

Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Surface mount PCB assembly requires a meticulous process with precise component placement and careful soldering techniques to ensure quality. In addition, the inspection process for SMT PCBs could require X-ray inspection or automated optical inspection (AOI) to find any flaws not visible to the naked eye. Access to this state-of-the-art equipment is one reason why many companies that care about their product quality outsource their PCB assembly process to a trusted partner.

Thru-Hole PCB Assembly

Automated insertion equipment can speed the thru-hole PCB assembly process and help to eliminate assembly errors. Some delicate components must be hand-inserted, requiring skilled operators to prevent damage that creates the need for rework or excessive troubleshooting.

Customized PCB Assembly Services

While there are many companies that are happy to take your PCB assembly outsourcing, you deserve more than just the basics. The best printed circuit board assembly companies offer a wide menu of services that you can customize to suit your exact requirements.

Conformal Coating

When products are used in harsh or dangerous environments, they may perform better if the PCB assembly process includes conformal coating. Specifying the right coating and curing process for a particular application requires an extensive knowledge of the performance characteristics of the available coatings. The right coating can extend the life of your product, reducing warranty and repair costs.

Regulatory Expertise

Government regulations such as RoHS require limiting the amount of hazardous substances in products. PCB assembly experts can help you limit the amount and types of material that you must reclaim and recycle, and simple redesigns or changes in spec may allow you to sell your product in a wider market, and showing your commitment to a greener world is good for business as well as the environment.

Design Assistance

Surface mount technology PCB assembly results in more stable, quality printed circuit boards with a better MTBF than traditional boards. An experienced PCB assembly partner can help redesign your boards while taking advantage of the newer technology, saving you money and increasing product quality.

Outsourcing PCB Assembly in the USA

While some companies outsource their assembly overseas, PCB assembly in the USA is a better value. You are assured of faster turnaround times, superior quality and comparable costs. In addition, outsourcing PCB assembly in the USA reduces overall inventory by reducing the amount of in-transit inventory and safety stock required. It also simplifies your business process and makes communication easier.

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