Printed circuit boards are extremely complex assemblies, and although very reliable, can fail in service. If you suspect a problem with a board, don't assume replacement is your only option. Protorun may be able to repair it, saving you money over the price of a new board or extending the life of older equipment.

Expert Diagnosis

Our seasoned electrical engineers and technicians know circuit boards and electronic components inside and out. Bring them a “problem” board and they'll examine and test it thoroughly before giving you the results of their diagnosis. If repair is possible, they'll explain what's needed and what it will cost. With older boards some components may not be available, which may be an opportunity to upgrade.

Every problem is different, but in each case our engineers will ensure you know your options. That way you can make an informed decision.

Why Boards Fail

Circuit boards and electronic components do age, and will eventually fail. Exposure to high temperatures, vibration, humidity or dust (especially conductive dust) will hasten that failure. A nearby lightning strike can cause failure, as will supplying voltage or current above the design limits. To prevent premature failure, ensure only the appropriate power supplies are used and keep the environment as electronics-friendly as possible.

Skilled repair

Once the problem has been diagnosed and a decision made to repair, a technician will set to work. Repairing a circuit board takes great skill and dexterity — it's even been likened to surgery. An old board may have become brittle. Newer boards can have very high component density. Protorun follows industry-recognized best practices, protecting against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and maintaining very high levels of cleanliness.


High-value industrial equipment often undergoes overhaul as part of a life extension effort, and sometimes we're asked about upgrading older circuit boards. This might be to provide improved performance or just to replace a component known to be failure-prone. We'll examine each case carefully and advise on possible options — when an upgrade makes sense, we'll follow the same procedures as for our repair work.

Any quantity

We're accustomed to working on a single board, as is usually the case with in-service failures, but will happily handle greater volumes. This might be the case when a manufacturing defect shows up and a batch of boards needs reworking or modifying, or as part of an equipment upgrade program.

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Replacement circuit boards can be expensive; often it's cheaper to repair. Sometimes a board is obsolete, and repair is the only option if equipment replacement is to be avoided. If you have a circuit board in need of repair, let us take a look. We'll diagnose the problem and let you know your options.

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