When buying goods, customers demand high quality — so savvy companies do all they can to ensure their products meet customer expectations. Uncovering quality issues as early in the manufacturing process as possible helps keep the cost of quality low, since it costs less to repair or replace components before they become part of the final product. After-sale repairs, replacements and warranty costs are even more expensive. Thus, when you sell electronic or electrical products, it makes sense to add a PCB (printed circuit board) test step to the production cycle to minimize unnecessary expenses and ensure the product meets quality standards.

Circuit board testing can be a complex process, and there are many possible board testing methods. Proper testing can include specialized equipment as well as oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, power supplies, timers or multimeters. Most companies prefer to outsource circuit board testing rather than to invest in the array of equipment, tools and calibrations necessary to test a variety of PCBs.

That’s where Protorun comes in. We have all the equipment needed for PCB testing. We can perform tests per your scripts and procedures or we can use our years of experience to develop a test procedure for you. We can even program ICs if needed to ensure the circuits are functioning as designed. Simply provide us the specifications or tell us what the board is supposed to do, and we can take it from there. We’ll write the test procedures, run the boards through the test, provide test results by lot or serial number — we’ll even repair the circuits if we have the right parts on hand.

You get back fully compliant, tested boards that you know meet your specifications. You can assemble them into your final product without fear of unnecessary rework because of board failure. Your production process can continue without interruption, and you minimize the potential cost of rework.

When you rely on Protorun for your circuit board testing, you’re in good hands. We’ve been in business since 1983, so our team of experienced engineers is familiar with all board testing methods. We are a full-turnkey PCB test provider — we can help validate your test procedures as well as test the boards. We have a 99 percent on-time delivery performance, so you can rely on us for high-quality work and timely delivery. We believe in providing superior customer service, and it shows in everything we do. The result is boards that function as expected in your products.

When you care about your customer’s expectations for quality products at a reasonable price, you want a circuit board testing partner who cares as much as you do. You save time and money on rework, and you reduce returns and warranty repairs due to faulty circuit boards.

We’ll work with you to create the right board testing methods to ensure that your products function as you expect. We want to be the team you rely on for circuit board testing, so please call us to discuss your printed circuit board testing needs.

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