Printed circuit board X-ray inspection services save companies time and money by helping assure the quality of assembled PCBs and also by highlighting process issues that can increase costs and rework. When designs include closely spaced or surface mount components (SMT), it isn’t easy to see if leads have been inserted correctly. In this situation, solder defects are not visible to the naked eye, even under magnification or with the aid of automated optical inspection equipment.

Using a PCB X-ray service can identify defects efficiently by simplifying troubleshooting and saving the high cost of rework at final assembly stages. The X-ray equipment pinpoints solder and mounting defects immediately, even inside or underneath the component, including BGAs (ball grid assemblies) and other SMT devices. Effective PCB X-ray inspection identifies such common defects as solder shorts, poor solder coverage, solder connections, debris under and inside the components, and many other assembly issues.

X-ray printed circuit board inspection consists of placing the PCB or assembly in the X-ray equipment and using a remote, joystick controlled camera to examine the piece from all angles. The operator views the images on a screen, and the camera can capture images for inclusion in inspection or certification reports, if necessary. The X-ray inspection helps ensure that only high-quality PCBs are used in final assembly.

Benefits of Printed Circuit Board Inspection Using X-Ray Equipment

Using printed circuit board X-ray inspection helps identify defects early in the production process where costs of scrap or rework are lower. Using PCB X-ray inspection ensures that only high-quality boards are used in final assemblies, so throughput through final test will be higher and troubleshooting costs will be lower.

In addition, product in the hands of customers will be better quality, helping to ensure customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of returns and warranty repairs.

A printed circuit board X-ray inspection service also makes sense during the design and prototyping phase of the product life cycle. Using a PCB X-ray service for first article inspections helps to validate the production process and methods. X-ray inspection helps identify stages in the process where defects are likely to occur, so the process can be adjusted before the product reaches the mass production stage. Taking steps to improve the production process early helps the product meet its cost objectives and ensures a high-quality, repeatable and economical process is in place.

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Protorun has been in the PCB business for more than 30 years. We understand all phases of the PCB process, and we have the skills and equipment to provide state-of-the-art services, including the latest and most efficient methods used by any PCB inspection service. Our innovative PCB X-ray equipment can perform even the most complex inspections.

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