At Protorun, your PCB prototype is made in America with superior standards on cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. We specialize in top-quality, quick-turn prototypes - satisfaction guaranteed, 99% on-time delivery - with fast and flexible turn-around times.

Use your own, kitted (consignment) parts for:

  • Fastest prototype assembly service
  • Great for highly specialized components
  • Used when intellectual property is on the board

Order Requirements

All orders must be submitted with the following:

Boards Size and Type

  • PCB (FR-4 Type) up to 10 layers. All other board types require a custom quote.
  • PCB size requirements should be a (Min: 2.5”x2.5” panelized, up to a Max: 18”x18”).

Bill of Materials

The BOM should be submitted electronically with the following criteria:

  • Bill of Material (BOM) must include all manufacturer part numbers. Supplier part numbers are optional.
  • The BOM should have the following fields: | Quantity | Manufacturer Part # | Component Description | Reference Designators |
  • BOM file must be in one of the follow formats [.CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, .ACCDB, .MDB, .ODS, .TXT ]
  • Component Placement List (CPL) files containing the (X-Y) Centroid Coordinates, Rotation, Reference Designator, and Board Side (top or bottom).
  • Gerber formatted solder paste files. Design must have a minimum of 3 fiducials on any side with SMT device.
  • ODB++ or CAD data also acceptable pending data review in lieu of gerber data and (CPL)
  • Drawings and or photographs of finished assembly are optional but will help ensure correct component placement. If not available, documentation must be provided that indicates orientation and polarity of all components detailing any safety critical components. Sample assembled units, if available, are appreciated as well.

Failure to follow the above requirements may delay the build of your assembly. Protorun reserves the right to reject any RFQ that does not meet our terms and conditions.  Files that do not meet the above requirements can be manually entered and or converted at an additional cost, but delay your build.  

Sample BOM file in .xlsx format

If you need a high-volume prototype run, please call 630-446-4200 to speak with a dedicated project manager.


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