Using state of the art technology and equipment, our boards are delivered on-time and guaranteed.  When you place an order with Protorun, you can rest assured that your project will work the first time, every time.

Thru-Hole to SMT

Do you have a PCB assembly designed with thru-hole components that you would like converted to SMT? Protorun offers SMT conversions that will reduce your reproduction time and minimize your component cost. We have robotic systems that can assemble 100’s of boards per hour to save you time and money

Lead to RoHS

Do you have a leaded PCB assembly that you would like converted to lead-free? Protorun can handle the job. We offer Pb-Free and RoHS compliant services for the environmentally conscious customer. We offer labor only (where you supply the parts) or turnkey (where we procure the lead-free parts). To make your assembly truly lead-free, all components must be RoHS compliant.


Protorun offers over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering. We assign an engineer to every job to ensure that your assembly works every time. 

Conformal Coating

Protorun offers Conformal Coating for customers who need their PCB assemblies to withstand extreme environments. Having your assembly coated will increase the circuit life of your device and make it more durable.  


AOI - We offer Automated Optical Inspection which allows us to do high-speed PCB inspection with exceptional defect coverage.


We offer microscopic manual inspection as a backup when AOI is not enough.


X-ray machines are arguably among the more efficient post BGA-bonding solutions due to their capacity for both 2D and 3D vision. The machines can see solder balls, excess solder, solder thieving, component misalignment, and bridging, as well as missing solder balls. This process helps verify that each solder ball is correctly placed, that each contact with the pads remains intact, and that no solder thieving has occurred.


We staff onsite engineers to troubleshoot your PCB assemblies. Let us do your rework and repairs.

Circuit Board Testing

Let our onsite technicians test your assemblies prior to shipping. We also accept completed assemblies from the public for repair. We test it so you don’t have to.

  • Dielectric Requirements
  • Controlled Impedance Requirements
  • Blind and Buried, Solder Mask and Conductive Filled Vias
  • Design Assistance

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