Protorun Order Requirements

All orders we accept are subject to our terms and conditions unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Protorun. These terms and conditions supersede all others and are the only ones that apply.–

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Documentation Requirements
  3. Kit Requirements
  4. PCB Requirements
  5. Parts Requirements
  1. Terms and Conditions
    • Payments
      Planned payment options must be received for all orders prior to processing order. Acceptable methods of payments are:
      • Company Account
        • Open account exists and terms have been established.
      • Credit Cards – (We charge your card at the time your order is placed.)
        • VISA
        • Master Charge
        • American Express
      • Direct Payment
        • PayPal
        • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
        • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
        • Wire Transfer
      • Mail
        • Company check, with prior approval. Check must clear prior to build.
    • Shipping Origin
      • All orders are shipped F.O.B. from Glendale Heights, IL.
    • Packaging
      • Packing will be in cardboard boxes with bubble packing.
    • Delivery
      • All deliveries are scheduled for 5 working days with shipment on the sixth. This delivery is based on our internal manufacturing process. This delivery schedule begins when all requirements are fulfilled. The customer will be advised of any problem that is keeping their order from proceeding. We recognize the importance of delivery as soon as possible and will always try to beat the date promised.

      If certifications are required, please make sure they are identified on your order.

    • Canceled Orders
      • You are liable for the cost of parts that have been purchased or expenses that have been incurred prior to canceling order.
    • Warranty Policy
      • Protorun builds Assemblies to IPC standards.
      • Protorun warrants that its manufactured items are free from any defects in workmanship. The warranty period shall be 120 days from the date of shipment of the item(s). Protorun's sole obligation under its warranty is limited to the repair of the defective item(s). The defective item(s) must be returned during the warranty period. This warranty will not extend to items that are subjected to misuse, alterations, or repairs. Prior to the return of any item, please call our customer service department for a Return Material Authorization number.
  2. Documentation Requirements
    • Bill of Materials (BOM)
      Data File Requirements:
      • The BOM should be submitted electronically with the following criteria.
        • File formats: .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, .ACCDB, .MDB, .ODS, .TXT
        • Manufacturer's Part number - Supplier Part number is optional.
        • Component Description
        • Quantity
        • Reference Designator
        • Component Placement List (CPL) in electronic format must contain the following: X/Y Centroid location, rotation, reference designator, and board side (top/bottom). We prefer the CPL to be in Excel or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. 
    • Gerber formatted solder paste files.  (Design must have a minimum of 3 fiducials on any side with SMT devices).
    • ODB++ or CAD data also acceptable pending data review in lieu of Gerber data and Component Placement List (CPL).
    • Drawings and/ or photograph of the finished assembly are requested and will help ensure correct component placement.  If not available, documentation must be provided that indicates orientation and polarity of all components, detailing any safety critical components. Sample assembled units, if available, are appreciated as well.
  3. Kits/Supplied Parts Requirements
    • Parts must be individually packaged and labeled with BOM line item number and either customer part number or manufacturers' part number.
    • Include an inventory list of components in the kit indicating manufacturers' part number, quantity in kit, quantity required, and expected quantity to be returned.
    • All consigned kits and documentation must be complete and correct prior to build. Once the kit documentation and the boards have been verified as complete and correct, the assembly turn time will begin.

    If a current revision sample is available, please include in the kit with a photo of the change

  4. PCB Requirements
    • PCBs 2inx2in or less must be supplied in an array to avoid increased assembly costs.
    • PCBs must be ordered with electrical testing.
    • For non-rectangular PCBs, including circular PCBs, we require at least two parallel edges for assembly. Edges can be added as breakoff rails, if necessary.
    • We require that all vias under BGA and leadless type devices are tented with solder mask to ensure there are no solder shorts created during the reflow process.
  5. Parts Requirements
    • If SMT parts are not on reel, parts should be on continuous strip of at least with a leader of 6".  In addition to the 6" tape leader, we also need at least +10% overage (min. 5 pieces) for low value/passive parts and + 5% overage (min. 2 pieces) for ICs. For extremely small 0402 component packages, we will need a minimum of 100 pieces plus + 20% overage of the requirement.
    • The 6" strip is needed for proper SMT machine operation and the overage accounts for any machine attrition and potential scrap.
    • If overage is not available on tape, please send the overage parts in tubes or trays. Any unused components will be returned along with your loaded boards.
    • If parts are to be ordered by Protorun, we will need complete Bill of Material (BOM) data by 3:00 p.m. (CST) for 3 and 4 day turn orders to ensure that parts orders are properly processed before end of business day.

Non-Standard Services

Protorun has many other capabilities which are not stated in this format.  Please call us to discuss your other requirements. We are here to service you, our customer.

When we need a question answered we need a "Go-To-Guy."

It's pretty common when assembling a prototype to have something not quite be right. A pad may not fit the part, a few parts missing from the kit or something in the BOM (Bill of Materials) might be unclear, etc. When this happens, we need to know what you want us to do Please make sure you select your “Go To Guy" when you submit your order.

The Manufacturing Time Line (MTL)

Protorun delivery is based on getting your product to you in 5 working days. We will communicate any change in that timeline to you via the project contact information you provided. 

Have Questions?

Please Call.